Sunday, 23 March 2014

My March Favourites

This is my very first favourites post so it isn't that big. 

My Favourites:

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation in 100 Ivory
I really like this foundation because it is not heavy or thick and it sits well on the skin. It also covers up any imperfections I have without a layer of concealer. It also smells nice.

2true Be Clear Powder
This powder paired with the Rimmel foundation is brilliant. It doesn't go chalky or patchy, it is just perfect. It makes my skin look matte but doesn't dry out my skin. It also doesn't crease under my eyes and makes my make up last for ages.

Natural Collection Wild Strawberry Body Spray & Vanilla Body Spray
Both of these sprays smell divine and fresh. I tend to wear the strawberry fragrance in the day and at night the vanilla one paired with my favourite perfume.

Rihanna's Rebelle Perfume
This perfume is absolutely gorgeous. It is definitely an evening fragrance. This perfume smells really like coconut which is the reason I wanted it so bad. Two years ago a girl sprayed it near me and I immediately wanted it, so I asked for it at christmas. It retails for around £20 which is an absolute bargain and I personally think it is worth more. It is also very long lasting which is another reason why I love it so much.

VO5 Strong Hold Weather Resistant Hair Spray & Carino Provive Natural Hold Hairspray
These two hair sprays paired together is just hair perfection. When I have my hair in a bun, I first spray the natural hold spray on my roots and on the actual bun. Then I spray the VO5 spray on the bun. Doing this routine keeps my bun in place all day and also is easy to brush out with fingers or a brush.

Burlesque, LOL & Pitch Perfect
These three films have been all I have watched every weekend since I bought them. I find them very girly and hilarious. I love the story lines in all three of them and I know pretty much all the lyrics to the songs in the films.

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