Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Norfolk/Great Yarmouh

This post is the start of a new series on my blog so I hope you enjoy.

This weekend my mum, nan, sisters and I all went down to Great Yarmouth which is in Norfolk for a girly trip out and because my mum had a meeting. 

On Sunday, we travelled for 4 hours down to Norfolk. When we arrived we checked into our hotel and wondered around the sea front for a bit. We then went shopping in the shopping centre near where we were and then went for a drink in The Troll Cart pub.
Later that evening we went back to the pub for tea. To be honest, the food was absolutely amazing. I had a jacket potato with BBQ pulled pork and coleslaw. 

On Monday my mum had a meeting so my sisters, nan and myself all went for a stroll on the sea front. We spent an hour in a single arcade and won four little buddha statues and two me 2 u keyrings. When we had finished spending a fortune in the arcades we went onto the Wellington Pier and played a game of ten pin bowling.
When we finished, we met up with my mum and got some fish and chips. They were so tasty. 
When we were finished we drove to a retail park and did a little shopping before we went home but I didn't get anything. 
When I got home at 19:00 I was absolutely shattered so I unpacked and went straight to bed.

These are a few pictures I took whilst on my little roadtrip

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