Friday, 4 April 2014

What's In My Bag

Since I am going out tomorrow, I thought that I should do a what's in my bag post because I will obviously be taking a bag.
My bag is a few years old and is no longer available. I bought it around two years ago from New Look for around £18.

First of all I have a my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini in white and the case on it is from eBay. I also have a box of chewing gum in my bag because I want nice minty breath. As well as my chewing gum I also carry a mirror from Sharm El Sheikh, a Primark Strawberry lip balm and a hair brush. To stop my hands from drying out I have a Superdrug Hand Therapy Hand Lotion in my back which works wonders. I also carry a roll on deodorant and a body spray. (see my March Favourites post to read about the body spray.) 
I also have my keys and many keyrings and my Lorenz Collection purse. I also carry cold and flu tablets, ibuprofen tablets and some soothers or strepsils. Usually I carry my headphones but I couldn't find them.

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