Monday, 26 May 2014

Rain, Rain and More Rain

This weekend was a very productive and eventful end to the week. On Saturday morning, I was the first one up so I had to feed the dogs and let them out. I then made myself a cup of coffee and some breakfast (toast, bacon and mushrooms.) Then for the rest of the day I sat on my laptop and revised for my Spanish GCSE (that is the productive part.) I also sat and watch the rain through my bedroom window. On Sunday, I was the first one up again so I had to feed the dogs and let them out again. I made myself a slice of toast and then got ready to go to my friend's house. Whilst waiting for the bus it started to rain and go really cold so I immediately regretted coming out of my nice warm bed. When I got to my friend's we sat and chilled on her ipad and decided what to do for the day (we decided on going to the shops and watching films.) In the afternoon me and my friend watched Mean Girl and home-made lasagne which was followed by lemon meringue pie (first time I have tried it and it hasn't failed to disappoint.) When we had all finished we went back upstairs and watched the second Mean Girls. When the film had finished, we started randomly taking selfies on her camera and my phone and we couldn't stop laughing. Now as I am writing this post, I am currently watching Step Up and relaxing in bed.

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