Saturday, 10 May 2014

Review : Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid

This foundation is brilliant. Around March/April, I was struggling with foundation since the one I was using (Rimmel Match Perfection) was not the right colour on me for some reason and didn't do anything for my skin. It was runny and wet looking, which to be honest is not a great look. I decide enough is enough and I should look for an alternative. So whilst window shopping on the internet, I took a look at reviews that people had posted about different foundations. Some sounded good and others bad, however I struck gold with the Maybelline Liquid. 
It is smooth and thick, but very light on the skin. I have stopped using concealer because the foundation just glides over the imperfections and covers them up. I also love how I can wear it with or without powder and it will still last for most of the day.
On the packaging it states that the foundation will give 100% poreless look and and air brush perfection, which I agree with.
Even though I praised the Rimmel foundation in my March favourites post (, I think hands down Maybelline have won.

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