Saturday, 24 May 2014

What's in my make-up bag?

Recently I decided to put all my most used make-up into a make-up bag, so when I am going somewhere and staying over, I can just grab the make-up bag and go. Also it leaves more space in my storage for any new purchases.

In my make-up bag I carry:

  • My trusty Dream Satin Liquid. I'm not going to write much about this foundation but if you want to see me rant on and on about this foundation then click here
  • Next is my setting powder and powder brush. The brush is from Primark and I paid around £1 which is pretty good considering that the quality of the brush is great. The powder is around £2 from Superdrug and in my opinion it is a love or hate product (like Marmite). Sometimes it works wonders on keeping my make-up put but on some days it makes me look orange and just rubs off easily.

  • The next item in my make-up bag is my mascara. I have loved the Collection Super Size Fat Lash for months . It is around £2 and has ordinary bristles that leave your lashes defined and fluttery.

  • I also carry my Sleek i-Divine palette in Au Naturel. It is beautiful and perfect for everyday wear. It has a mixture of matte and shimmers which I love because you can go from day to night with just one palette. For £8, I think it is great quality, the shadows are soft and easy to blend and last for around 6 hours. Along with this palette I carry two eye-shadow brushes. One big and fluffy brush and one smaller brush. They were around £2 each and haven't failed to disappoint

  •  Next is a posh put from Beauty Uk. It is supposed to be for your lips, but the formlationof this product clings to the dry patches on my lips and the colour is totally different to what you see in the bullet and on a swatch. However it is the perfect colour for a little spot of flushyness on the cheeks. It is also very blendable and comes in a small range of shades.

  • The next product is the NYC Kiss Gloss in Murray Hill Melon. It is the perfect shade and adds a little colour to my lips. It is also very glossy but not sticky which I love. 

  • I also carry a nail file form Primark to fix my nails on the go, tweezers to pluck my brows if I need to and a old mascara wand that I use to shape and brush through my brows.

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