Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Blogging Gave Me Confidence

This post is a little hard for me to write as it is very personal. From the age of around 11 I have suffered from body confidence and low self esteem. This is probably because from a young age I was bullied. However, a lately I have been feeling more confident in everything. I have started wearing a skirt for school, talking to a lot more people and always thinking optimistically. Now you may be sat there thinking "well that isn't a massive difference." Well as a matter of a fact it is. Usually I would always wear trousers for school and hardly ever show my legs or any other body part, I would never talk to people in class (apart from friends) and I always thought I would do rubbish in tests. But now I have trained myself to think optimistically and to let the nasty comments go over my head. As a matter of a fact the other day someone called me and I quote "You stupid fat bitch." Now usually I would sit there and probably cry or feel embarrassed but I actually turned around and said "fat bitch and proud." Now I'm not proud to be how I am but that is how I was meant to be so I embrace it and don't let petty little comments affect me. In fact I like being curvy because it suits me a lot better than if I was skinny.

After starting my blog and the followers grew I have realised that I have people who support me and I like the stuff I write e.t.c
Also this has given me a huge self esteem boost as usually I would put myself down with the stuff I would write but now I think "well what could make this better?" By asking myself this question, it makes me think about no matter how much I try and improve myself, I will never be 100% perfect with a twig thin figure and the perfect face and hair. I am proud to be who I am.

Never let anyone make you feel smaller than you actually are. If people my stupid remarks then stand tall and don't listen. 

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