Sunday, 27 July 2014

My July Music Picks

It has come to that time of month again where I talk about my top 5 favourite songs of the month. However there are quite a few songs that I have been loving through the month of July so it my be more than 5.

My first song is Billionaire by Travis McCoy feat Bruno Mars. This song is so old but I will never get board of it. It is the best summer song yet and since I am a Bruno Mars fan it is no wonder why I like it.

My second favourite is My Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan. Troye is a youtuber who I adore and when I found out that he does singing as well as YouTube videos I was so excited to hear some of his songs. So far I have only listened to My Happy Little Pill and I think it is such a great song.

The next two are  Deja Vu by BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z and Beautiful Liar by Beyonce and Shakira. Someone mentioned these songs the other day so I thought about listening to them. Best choice I have made. They are the perfect songs that buts me in a good dancy mood.

My fourth favourite is Chandelier by Sia. When I first heard this song, I hated it. I thought it was completely rubbish. But after hearing it time after time after time, I have started to like it. 

My fifth is Million Dollar Bill by Whitney Houston. This song is old but a classic and it puts me in a great mood.

My last two are Only Love Can Hurt Like This and Trouble With My Baby by Paloma Faith. I am a huge fan of Paloma Faith since the start and these songs are just two of my many favourites of hers. They are quite different songs since Only Love Can Hurt Like This is a slow powerful and meaningful  song where as Trouble With My Baby is a more up beat song but not a clubby song.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Advice - Exams

Since it is around the time where some people will be doing exams or have just done them, I thought that doing a post on how to stay relaxed through these times would be a good idea. Also since some people are just generally stresses with life without the added pressure of exams and work, maybe this post could even help them.

Step 1 - Run a bath
More often then not, running a bath really helps me stay relaxed and calm. Also it gives a chance to clear my head of worries. I find that just having a bath of water doesn't really help but having bubbles and bath bombs in the water really does make a difference.(the inner girly girl is making an appearance.)

Step 2 - Read a book or magazine
Currently I am reading the whole Twilight Saga. Since I have seen all the films, numerous times, I thought I would read the books. They haven't failed to disappoint. I would say they are better than the films in some ways. Any way, I find that reading some kind of book, no matter what genre, helps to chill out and relax. Sometimes even flicking threw the latest issue of magazines help me.

Step 3 - Don't over study
Over studying can sometimes metaphorically fry your brain leaving you mentally exhausted. Taking maybe an or two of your day to revise is so much better than spending a whole day dedicated to revision. 

Step 4 - Don't leave it to the last minute
Speaking from experience, I have seen first hand what leaving revision to the last minute can do. It got that bad for me I was in tears every morning because of the pressure. Luckily I am a fast learner so I managed to learn and memorize three paragraphs in Spanish two days before my speaking exam.

Step 5 - During the exam take your time
I am really bad for this. During exams I am that eager to get it over and done with I rush. Leaving stupid mistakes like 2x4=6.( I actually put that in my maths mock exam.)
Also, because of this, I end up having half an hour left with nothing to do. If you end up with a long time before the end then go through and check. Check every single answer you have put down. Check every equation and sum you have written. Check your spelling and grammar. God Dammint! Just check!

Step 6 - Read the questions CAREFULLY
When you feel under pressure and worried you tend to read questions wrongly so you end up dropping marks on easy 1 mark questions. Now I know you are probably thinking "dropping one or two marks isn't that bad" when as a matter of fact it is. One mark could be what you need to go from a D to a C, from a fail to a pass.

Good Luck with your exams!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Harry Potter Studio Tour

So it has come to that time again where I write about a short roadtrip that I have been on. The first episode of this series was when I went to Norfolk  in April. 
On the 19th July 2014 I travelled down to Watford in London with my best friend and her family for my best friend's birthday. We stayed over night and then went to the studios the next day which was my friend's actual birthday. Sadly though we only managed to get 4 hours sleep, since some rude people were banging around at one in the morning. FYI if you were the those people, thanks so much for that. 
The 20th was brilliant. Harry Potter Studios was brilliant and since a picture is worth 1000 words I put together numerous collages and images of the day. btw butter beer is like heaven in a cup!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

7 Places I Want To Visit In Europe

This post is all about the 7 places I would love to visit in Europe. Hopefully I will get to visit all of them during my life.

The first place is Sorrento in Italy. Ever since I started watching The Saccone Joly's (see post here) I have wanted to go to Sorrento. Partly because they went there and it looked beautiful. But also because I have never been to Italy and would love to visit.

The next place is Venice which is also in Italy. I think Venice is such a beautiful place and would be great for a relaxing holiday with friends.

Another place in Italy I want to visit is Rome. The city is so historical but in a pretty way not in a boring way. 

Moving on to a totally different country, next is Paris. Paris looks so pretty and elegant. Also I would love to go up the Eiffel Tower and do sight seeing around the beautiful city. 

Next is Lisbon in Portugal. I have never gone to Portugal before and from what I have heard from people, it is great. Definitely would love to experience Portugal. 

Coming closer to home, I would love to visit Dublin partly because of The Saccone Jolys but also because I love the Irish accent. Plus it would make a perfect city break. 

Sticking in the UK, I want to go to Edinburgh in Scotland mainly because I love the accent just as much as the Irish. Also it looks so old, historic and interesting. 

Hopefully I will at least be able to tick one of these off my list. Looks like I need to get saving my pennies.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Addicted to The Saccone Jolys

I am Jess and I am addicted to The Saccone Jolys

A week ago I came across a YouTube channel called The Saccone Jolys. They are an Irish family who vlog everyday of the week. This family includes Anna (the mother. Who, in my opinion is stunning) Jonathan (the father. Who is so funny), Emilia (their beautiful and cute daughter) and Eduardo (their cute and adorable son). 

 I did watch one of their videos before, but I didn't like it. However, now I am addicted and have set myself the challenge of watching all their videos, that is very possible. Whenever I have time on my hands I sit on YouTube watching their videos. They are the funniest youtubers ever and I would love to meet them. I have never come across a youtuber that I have immediately fallen in love with. It is that bad that I sit there refreshing my subscriptions at 6pm everyday until their video comes up in my subscription box. I hope they never stop uploading vlogs to YouTube. If they did (jinx touch wood) I would feel so lost and have nothig to procrastinate with.

 Some of my favourite vlogs are:

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My June Music Picks

It has come to that time of month where I pick five of my favourite songs that I haven't been able to stop listening to

My first favourite is Birthday by Katy Perry. I know I say this about the majority of my sings but, I hated it to start off with. I was rubbish, but when I watched a video of her concert I began to fall in love with that song. It is quite a catchy song which I always seem to listen to when I am on the way home.

My next favourite is Problem by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea. This song is the most awesome song in my opinion. Ariana is such a good singer.

My third favourite is Parachute by Cheryl Cole. Oh my god..... This song is so old, but I love it. I don't know why. It is just really good.

My fourth favourite is Don't by Ed Sheeran. My friend is an Ed Sheeran addict and as soon as she played this song, I had to get it on my phone. Now I can't stop listening to it.

My final favourite is You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones. This song is played during LOL which is one of my favourite films. So obviously I would love the song. Actually my friend played it for me because I didn't know who sang the song. Love it.