Monday, 7 July 2014

Addicted to The Saccone Jolys

I am Jess and I am addicted to The Saccone Jolys

A week ago I came across a YouTube channel called The Saccone Jolys. They are an Irish family who vlog everyday of the week. This family includes Anna (the mother. Who, in my opinion is stunning) Jonathan (the father. Who is so funny), Emilia (their beautiful and cute daughter) and Eduardo (their cute and adorable son). 

 I did watch one of their videos before, but I didn't like it. However, now I am addicted and have set myself the challenge of watching all their videos, that is very possible. Whenever I have time on my hands I sit on YouTube watching their videos. They are the funniest youtubers ever and I would love to meet them. I have never come across a youtuber that I have immediately fallen in love with. It is that bad that I sit there refreshing my subscriptions at 6pm everyday until their video comes up in my subscription box. I hope they never stop uploading vlogs to YouTube. If they did (jinx touch wood) I would feel so lost and have nothig to procrastinate with.

 Some of my favourite vlogs are:

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