Sunday, 31 August 2014

Brand Focus - The Body Shop

The other day I spent some time with one of my good friends shopping in the shopping centre near where we both live.Whilst there I bought multiple items, but what I bought the most of was Body Shop products and somehow found myself getting a loyalty card for the shop. I only bought three products and I now what to delve back into The Body Shop to pick more beauties up.

The products I bought were:
  • Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash - slightly minty, gentle face wash which gets rid of excess oils and dirt. 
  • Vineyard Peach Body Mist - a very sweet peachy scent, perfect for summer.
  • Strawberry Body Mist - a sweet and fresh fruity scent perfect summer and autumn

So far the face wash has been help clear up my mad case of acne on my jaw line and shoulders. If you have a very strong sense of smell then this product might not be for you as it is very minty and occasionally makes my eyes and nose sting. 
Both the body mists are, so far, taking over my perfume collection as I have stopped using all the other perfumes I have. They are easy to grab, spritz and chuck in your bag. The only down side is that there are only available in none scents (Strawberry, Vineyard Peach, Satsuma, Coconut, Vanilla, Shea, Mango, Moringa, Pink Grapefruit and White Musk.)
I definitely am going to venturing into The Body Shop more often.

What is your favourite body shop product? 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Favourite Actors

Since it is the summer holidays, I have recently been watching numerous films a day. The other day I got a brainwave as to what post I could write next on my blog (my favourite actors). Having this brainwave was very useful as I have been suffering with quite a bad case of writing block. 
Let's get started!

My first favourite actor is Robert Downey Jr because, in my opinion, he is brilliant in Iron Man 1, 2 & 3 and in both of the Sherlock films. I all of these films I find him hilarious with his wittiness (which isn't always scripted) and very dedicated to the role he is playing. Since Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man are such different films, I thought it would be hard to see Robert as the different characters, but some how he seems to be able to switch characters without thought.

My next favourite actor is Ansel Elgort. I have only ever seen him in The Fault In Our Stars but I really think he portrayed the character, from book to film, very well. Now that I have seen him in The Fault In Our Stars, I would really love to see him in other films that he is in like Divergent.

The third actor is Daniel Craig. I have never been fussed or remotely bothered by any of the James Bond films. But the other day something just drew me towards watching Skyfall, so I did and OMG it is amazing. After watching Skyfall I just had to watch Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. I have to say that all three films were brilliant and I think this is because Of Daniel Craig. 

Next is Hugh Jackman who plays Wolverine in all the X Men films. This may sound weird, since I don't come across as a nerd or geek, but I love Marvel. And because of this, I love Wolverine. In my opinion, Hugh Jackman is the perfect person to play Wolverine and I couldn't picture any other actor being that character. I also love him in Rise of the Guardians as the Easter Bunny.

My next favourite is Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen in Twilight, Tyler in Remember Me and Jacob in Water For Elephants. I was mainly drawn to him through the Twilight Saga as I thought, as well as him being very good looking, he was a good actor. In Remember Me and Water For Elephants Robert was a very different actor as the stories of the films were very different in comparison to Twilight. Overall, I think he is a brilliant actor.

My last favourite actor is Zac Efron. I never really liked him in High School Musical since it wasn't so much acting as it was singing. However I love him in Bad Neighbours and That Awkward Moment. I can't really see Zac as a good actor in a sort of action type movie, in my opinion he is the perfect actor for romantic comedies and just comedies. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Anemia Story

This post is slightly personal as it is my story of the "illness" I have. As far as I know, anemia isn't common and until I was diagnosed I had never heard of it. Anemia is basically an illness where you have a low count of iron in your blood. One perk of this is you aren't allowed to give blood. But it does have it's down sides. I have to take iron and multi vitamin tablets every day and I also get a lot of head rushes and occasionally pass out. Collapsing has only happened to me once and was absolutely terrifying. Let's start with my story....

Around two years ago I was suffering with quite frequent dizzy spells and would have around two a day. So, my parents whisked me off to the doctors. The doctor I saw said it could because of stress or it could just be nothing. He said "make sure you drink lot's of fluids." So I did and three days later I found myself having a dizzy spell out side of my bathroom and then waking up on my back unable to move. Luckily I couldn't move because I was in shock not because I had broken my back. That day my dad said I should have the day off, which I did.... of course. Later that day I got a call from my mum and she said that the following day she was taking me to a&e. 

The next day my mum picked me up from my dad's and took me to hospital. After around 3 hours of waiting, getting seen to by multiple nurses and having what felt like a million blood pressure tests, the nurse turned around and said "you have anemia." Also he ordered me to get some iron tablets and eat more foods which are high in iron. Lucky for me, after all the hassle, my mum bought me a starbucks and then took me to Morrisons to get some iron medication. And for the rest of the day I stayed on the sofa on my own. 

After two weeks of this visit I went for a check up at the doctors. I told him about the whole anemia thing and he said "they can't be certain. You will have to do a blood test." That is when I nearly crapped myself. I hate needles, blood and hospitals in general. So making me go to a hospital to have a needle stuck in me in order to get blood out of me, that is a big "Oh hell no!"

But I was forced to go and it wasn't that bad. Actually what I thought was going to be a massive stab in me was actually just a little prick, that lasted for around 2 minutes. After a week of the blood test, the doctors never called me back to let me know about my results. But I have noticed a real difference in my health. I hardly ever have dizzy spells. However the other day I passed out standing up, holding onto a door handle and kept stumbling around whilst unconscious.

If you think you are suffering with anemia and need some advice on the situation please feel free to contact me or leave a comment. 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

7 Places I Want To Visit In Asia

This is the last episode of my mini series on here which is a shame because I have loved writing and editing these posts. However, maybe in the near future, there will be more mini series on The Giggly Blogger so keep your eyes peeled.

The first place is Bali in Thailand. I have never been to anywhere in Asia and have the opportunity to go to Bali would be great. It looks so beautiful and exotic that I am jealous of people who live there or are on holiday there. 
The next place is Bangkok in Thailand. Ever since watching The Hangover 2 I have wanted to go here. I think it would be a great city to explore and it looks like a lot of fun.

The third place is Mumbai, India. I have always wanted to explore India and I think Mumbai would be a great place to have an expedition. Also it looks so cultural and different other places.

The fourth place is New Delhi in India. Not only is it home to the Taj Mahal but it is filled with culture and diversity. I would be grateful to just stay one night in this beautiful city.
The fifth place is Shangai in China. I haven't got a clue why I want to go to Shangai. I would just love to explore Shagai and see what it has to offer.

The next place is Singapore. My old ICT teacher told us in class once about when he went to Singapore and he said it was amazing. So I have decided that a visit to Singapore would be great. From pictures it looks so cool and I would love to explore the city.

The final place is Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo looks so modern and...... funky? However I don't like sushi! If there was a part of Tokyo that had a lot of English food restaurants I would consider going. Also, since I want to be a journalist, I would love to work in Tokyo for a magazine or something. It would be such an experience.

Friday, 8 August 2014

7 Places I Want To Visit In Africa

This post is the next episode in this little series and it is all going to be focused on Africa. I have been to a few places in Africa but not to the actual part in which I am interested in. I have been to Sharm El Sheikh and Tunisia and they were great. But they were "chill out" holidays and I want one where I can be proper touristy or even volunteer.

The first place is Cape Town in South Africa. This place has always played a big part in my life as I am drawn to it's beauty. Even though it would be a very calm holiday, I will still be able to be a tourist in the beautiful city. 

The next place is Kenya. Now Kenya is a great place for me to visit as I can volunteer in local towns helping out and lending a hand to local people. I think that would be a great experience to go through. Also I would probably go on a safari to see the wildlife as I am a big fan of animals.

The third place is Morocco. This place I probably wouldn't associate with Africa because the whole place is just totally different. It is very sort of Asian/ Middle Eastern and overall very different to other places in Africa. Also the culture is very different. 

The fourth place is Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. Now I know I said I have already visited this place but that was a relaxing holiday where we stayed in the hotel pool and beach area for days on end. This time I would like to go off and have a wonder around.
 The next place is Tunisia. Again, I know I have already visited Tunisia but that was when I was around five ish.... Now Tunisia will always hold a place in my heart as that is one of the memories I have of my grandma (my dad's mum), my granddad (my mum's dad) and my nan (my mum's mum). Also it was a great family holiday! But also creepy as people in the market place where trying to touch me hair because I am Tunisian royalty..... Jokes. Actually it was because when I was little I had bleech blonde hair and very blue eyes and over in Tunisia it is very rare to see people like me.... I'm special!

The sixth place is Mozambique. This place looks so stunning and diverse since it very tropical and beachy but also has little markets for locals to sell things. A great holiday to be a tourist, relax and volunteer.

The final place is Botswanna. This place is just pure safari time for me! The wildlife is just insane. If I could, I would stay in the wild over night. But in reality I would get eaten by whatever was lurking around.... 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Perks of Being a Blogger

I got the idea for this post after reading the book Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephan Chbosky. I thought that after blogging for four months nearly, there have been a few good things that have happened because of me creating my own little corner of the internet. I thought I would share them with you.

  1. Making new friends - Whilst searching Bloglovin' one day for blogs to follow, I came across a blog called UNSTITCHEDD, which is run by the beautiful Maddy. I noticed that she was the same age as me and her blog was just brilliant, so I emailed her and asked her for advice on how to get your blog noticed and if she had any tips on how to make my blog as best as it can be. I thought she would never reply and just delete the email without even reading it. But she did answer and ever since then we have been emailing back and forth and very slowly getting to know each other.
  2. Gaining confidence in yourself and your abilities - I was never a confident person and would always feel like my writing skills weren't as good as they could be in order to create a blog. But thanks to my best friend over at LasiLocks, she persuaded me to create a blog as she knew how much I want to be a journalist and that this would put me out there. I am so grateful to her that she pushed me to create a blog, and it is safe to say that I will never go back since I don't regret it for one second.
  3. Being able to get your point across - I have found that having your own section of the internet to express your feelings and beliefs has really helped me. Since writing my blog I have been able to put my feelings on anything out there. Whether you are a beauty blogger writing your opinion on  the latest beauty product or a travel blogger writing about the go to places this summer, you are able to put your point on the internet where anyone and everyone is able to read it.
  4. Learning new skills - Since starting my blog I have gained so many skills like photography, writing and editing. So okay I might not be the next Mario Testino or the next Shakespeare, but after having my blog for a mere four moths I have noticed a real difference in my photo taking, writing and editing skills. So much so that I am contemplating picking photography and English language at A Level.
  5. Finding new hobbies - I never used to have hobbies to fill up the time after school.I used to sit at home and play games on my laptop, listen to music, read and watch TV. Now though, I still read and listen to music, but I also am loving taking photos for Instagram and for future blog posts. I also have started writing a book to fill up my free time and to practice my writing skills.

Have you found any perks in being a blogger?

Saturday, 2 August 2014

7 Places I Want To Visit In South America

This is the third episode in the mini series I have created and it is going to be all about places in South America that I would like to visit.

The first place is Argentina. I don't know why I want to visit Argentina. Maybe because it would be great to say that I have been there. Plus it just looks so beautiful in the pictures I have seen. 
The next place is Brazil. I would definitely like to visit here for the scenery and culture of the place. While I am there, I would love to see a carnival for the experience because, in my eyes, carnivals are so pretty and elaborate.

Next is Chile. Again I don't know why I want to go here, it just seems to draw me in. Also the scenery is breath taking in images.

The fourth place is Ecuador. I saw a film that was set in Ecuador and it just looked so pretty. The building in Ecuador also look so cultural and beautiful.
The fifth place in Peru. In pictures Peru looks so pretty and historic that I need to see it face to face. 

The sixth place is Uruguay. I have had an obsession with this place ever since Y6 because the name sounds so funny but also because it looks gorgeous.
The final place is Venezuela because it, like all the places I have listed, looks stunning but also because the waterfalls there look so beautiful the scenery looks so peaceful. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

7 Places I Want To Visit In North America

This post is a follow on from my previous post about seven places in Europe I want to visit. Since I thoroughly enjoyed writing and editing that post I thought I would do it for every continent in the world. This way you get to see places I want to go around the world and also make your own judgement on them.

The first place is the Bahamas. For some unknown reason this place draws me in. Whether it is the gorgeous weather or the white sandy beaches, I don't know, it just draws me in. However it is quite expensive so maybe this place will be later on in life.

The second place is Barbados. Again this place draws me in because it is so exotic and ever since I saw the FRIENDS episodes where they went to Barbados I have wanted to go. It just looks so pretty.

The third place is Bermuda. I have a real obsession with Bermuda but I don't know why. I think it is because I am fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle and all the mystery behind it.  Any how, Bermuda just looks so beautiful.
The fourth place is Hawaii. Again this place looks so therapeutic and exotic.  Also one of my favourite artists, Bruno Mars, is from Hawaii. It just looks so romantic and relaxing. I really have to go there!
The fifth place is Chicago. I  mainly want t go to see the bean and because my favourite movie is based in Chicago. But also because I love big cities and would love to explore Chicago.
The sixth place is LA. Partly because it is so gorgeous but also because it is a place I want to explore. But it is so big that I would end up getting lost on the first day.

The final place is New York! Now you have to admit that everyone wants to go to New York. I mainly want to go because of Sephora, The Statue of Liberty and The Empire State Building. Also to see Time Square and Central Park. This city is so jam backed with things I doubt that I would want to leave.

Is there any places you want to go in North America?