Friday, 8 August 2014

7 Places I Want To Visit In Africa

This post is the next episode in this little series and it is all going to be focused on Africa. I have been to a few places in Africa but not to the actual part in which I am interested in. I have been to Sharm El Sheikh and Tunisia and they were great. But they were "chill out" holidays and I want one where I can be proper touristy or even volunteer.

The first place is Cape Town in South Africa. This place has always played a big part in my life as I am drawn to it's beauty. Even though it would be a very calm holiday, I will still be able to be a tourist in the beautiful city. 

The next place is Kenya. Now Kenya is a great place for me to visit as I can volunteer in local towns helping out and lending a hand to local people. I think that would be a great experience to go through. Also I would probably go on a safari to see the wildlife as I am a big fan of animals.

The third place is Morocco. This place I probably wouldn't associate with Africa because the whole place is just totally different. It is very sort of Asian/ Middle Eastern and overall very different to other places in Africa. Also the culture is very different. 

The fourth place is Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. Now I know I said I have already visited this place but that was a relaxing holiday where we stayed in the hotel pool and beach area for days on end. This time I would like to go off and have a wonder around.
 The next place is Tunisia. Again, I know I have already visited Tunisia but that was when I was around five ish.... Now Tunisia will always hold a place in my heart as that is one of the memories I have of my grandma (my dad's mum), my granddad (my mum's dad) and my nan (my mum's mum). Also it was a great family holiday! But also creepy as people in the market place where trying to touch me hair because I am Tunisian royalty..... Jokes. Actually it was because when I was little I had bleech blonde hair and very blue eyes and over in Tunisia it is very rare to see people like me.... I'm special!

The sixth place is Mozambique. This place looks so stunning and diverse since it very tropical and beachy but also has little markets for locals to sell things. A great holiday to be a tourist, relax and volunteer.

The final place is Botswanna. This place is just pure safari time for me! The wildlife is just insane. If I could, I would stay in the wild over night. But in reality I would get eaten by whatever was lurking around.... 

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