Thursday, 14 August 2014

7 Places I Want To Visit In Asia

This is the last episode of my mini series on here which is a shame because I have loved writing and editing these posts. However, maybe in the near future, there will be more mini series on The Giggly Blogger so keep your eyes peeled.

The first place is Bali in Thailand. I have never been to anywhere in Asia and have the opportunity to go to Bali would be great. It looks so beautiful and exotic that I am jealous of people who live there or are on holiday there. 
The next place is Bangkok in Thailand. Ever since watching The Hangover 2 I have wanted to go here. I think it would be a great city to explore and it looks like a lot of fun.

The third place is Mumbai, India. I have always wanted to explore India and I think Mumbai would be a great place to have an expedition. Also it looks so cultural and different other places.

The fourth place is New Delhi in India. Not only is it home to the Taj Mahal but it is filled with culture and diversity. I would be grateful to just stay one night in this beautiful city.
The fifth place is Shangai in China. I haven't got a clue why I want to go to Shangai. I would just love to explore Shagai and see what it has to offer.

The next place is Singapore. My old ICT teacher told us in class once about when he went to Singapore and he said it was amazing. So I have decided that a visit to Singapore would be great. From pictures it looks so cool and I would love to explore the city.

The final place is Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo looks so modern and...... funky? However I don't like sushi! If there was a part of Tokyo that had a lot of English food restaurants I would consider going. Also, since I want to be a journalist, I would love to work in Tokyo for a magazine or something. It would be such an experience.

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