Friday, 1 August 2014

7 Places I Want To Visit In North America

This post is a follow on from my previous post about seven places in Europe I want to visit. Since I thoroughly enjoyed writing and editing that post I thought I would do it for every continent in the world. This way you get to see places I want to go around the world and also make your own judgement on them.

The first place is the Bahamas. For some unknown reason this place draws me in. Whether it is the gorgeous weather or the white sandy beaches, I don't know, it just draws me in. However it is quite expensive so maybe this place will be later on in life.

The second place is Barbados. Again this place draws me in because it is so exotic and ever since I saw the FRIENDS episodes where they went to Barbados I have wanted to go. It just looks so pretty.

The third place is Bermuda. I have a real obsession with Bermuda but I don't know why. I think it is because I am fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle and all the mystery behind it.  Any how, Bermuda just looks so beautiful.
The fourth place is Hawaii. Again this place looks so therapeutic and exotic.  Also one of my favourite artists, Bruno Mars, is from Hawaii. It just looks so romantic and relaxing. I really have to go there!
The fifth place is Chicago. I  mainly want t go to see the bean and because my favourite movie is based in Chicago. But also because I love big cities and would love to explore Chicago.
The sixth place is LA. Partly because it is so gorgeous but also because it is a place I want to explore. But it is so big that I would end up getting lost on the first day.

The final place is New York! Now you have to admit that everyone wants to go to New York. I mainly want to go because of Sephora, The Statue of Liberty and The Empire State Building. Also to see Time Square and Central Park. This city is so jam backed with things I doubt that I would want to leave.

Is there any places you want to go in North America?

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