Saturday, 2 August 2014

7 Places I Want To Visit In South America

This is the third episode in the mini series I have created and it is going to be all about places in South America that I would like to visit.

The first place is Argentina. I don't know why I want to visit Argentina. Maybe because it would be great to say that I have been there. Plus it just looks so beautiful in the pictures I have seen. 
The next place is Brazil. I would definitely like to visit here for the scenery and culture of the place. While I am there, I would love to see a carnival for the experience because, in my eyes, carnivals are so pretty and elaborate.

Next is Chile. Again I don't know why I want to go here, it just seems to draw me in. Also the scenery is breath taking in images.

The fourth place is Ecuador. I saw a film that was set in Ecuador and it just looked so pretty. The building in Ecuador also look so cultural and beautiful.
The fifth place in Peru. In pictures Peru looks so pretty and historic that I need to see it face to face. 

The sixth place is Uruguay. I have had an obsession with this place ever since Y6 because the name sounds so funny but also because it looks gorgeous.
The final place is Venezuela because it, like all the places I have listed, looks stunning but also because the waterfalls there look so beautiful the scenery looks so peaceful. 

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