Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Anemia Story

This post is slightly personal as it is my story of the "illness" I have. As far as I know, anemia isn't common and until I was diagnosed I had never heard of it. Anemia is basically an illness where you have a low count of iron in your blood. One perk of this is you aren't allowed to give blood. But it does have it's down sides. I have to take iron and multi vitamin tablets every day and I also get a lot of head rushes and occasionally pass out. Collapsing has only happened to me once and was absolutely terrifying. Let's start with my story....

Around two years ago I was suffering with quite frequent dizzy spells and would have around two a day. So, my parents whisked me off to the doctors. The doctor I saw said it could because of stress or it could just be nothing. He said "make sure you drink lot's of fluids." So I did and three days later I found myself having a dizzy spell out side of my bathroom and then waking up on my back unable to move. Luckily I couldn't move because I was in shock not because I had broken my back. That day my dad said I should have the day off, which I did.... of course. Later that day I got a call from my mum and she said that the following day she was taking me to a&e. 

The next day my mum picked me up from my dad's and took me to hospital. After around 3 hours of waiting, getting seen to by multiple nurses and having what felt like a million blood pressure tests, the nurse turned around and said "you have anemia." Also he ordered me to get some iron tablets and eat more foods which are high in iron. Lucky for me, after all the hassle, my mum bought me a starbucks and then took me to Morrisons to get some iron medication. And for the rest of the day I stayed on the sofa on my own. 

After two weeks of this visit I went for a check up at the doctors. I told him about the whole anemia thing and he said "they can't be certain. You will have to do a blood test." That is when I nearly crapped myself. I hate needles, blood and hospitals in general. So making me go to a hospital to have a needle stuck in me in order to get blood out of me, that is a big "Oh hell no!"

But I was forced to go and it wasn't that bad. Actually what I thought was going to be a massive stab in me was actually just a little prick, that lasted for around 2 minutes. After a week of the blood test, the doctors never called me back to let me know about my results. But I have noticed a real difference in my health. I hardly ever have dizzy spells. However the other day I passed out standing up, holding onto a door handle and kept stumbling around whilst unconscious.

If you think you are suffering with anemia and need some advice on the situation please feel free to contact me or leave a comment. 

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