Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Favourite Actors

Since it is the summer holidays, I have recently been watching numerous films a day. The other day I got a brainwave as to what post I could write next on my blog (my favourite actors). Having this brainwave was very useful as I have been suffering with quite a bad case of writing block. 
Let's get started!

My first favourite actor is Robert Downey Jr because, in my opinion, he is brilliant in Iron Man 1, 2 & 3 and in both of the Sherlock films. I all of these films I find him hilarious with his wittiness (which isn't always scripted) and very dedicated to the role he is playing. Since Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man are such different films, I thought it would be hard to see Robert as the different characters, but some how he seems to be able to switch characters without thought.

My next favourite actor is Ansel Elgort. I have only ever seen him in The Fault In Our Stars but I really think he portrayed the character, from book to film, very well. Now that I have seen him in The Fault In Our Stars, I would really love to see him in other films that he is in like Divergent.

The third actor is Daniel Craig. I have never been fussed or remotely bothered by any of the James Bond films. But the other day something just drew me towards watching Skyfall, so I did and OMG it is amazing. After watching Skyfall I just had to watch Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. I have to say that all three films were brilliant and I think this is because Of Daniel Craig. 

Next is Hugh Jackman who plays Wolverine in all the X Men films. This may sound weird, since I don't come across as a nerd or geek, but I love Marvel. And because of this, I love Wolverine. In my opinion, Hugh Jackman is the perfect person to play Wolverine and I couldn't picture any other actor being that character. I also love him in Rise of the Guardians as the Easter Bunny.

My next favourite is Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen in Twilight, Tyler in Remember Me and Jacob in Water For Elephants. I was mainly drawn to him through the Twilight Saga as I thought, as well as him being very good looking, he was a good actor. In Remember Me and Water For Elephants Robert was a very different actor as the stories of the films were very different in comparison to Twilight. Overall, I think he is a brilliant actor.

My last favourite actor is Zac Efron. I never really liked him in High School Musical since it wasn't so much acting as it was singing. However I love him in Bad Neighbours and That Awkward Moment. I can't really see Zac as a good actor in a sort of action type movie, in my opinion he is the perfect actor for romantic comedies and just comedies. 

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