Friday, 12 September 2014

Do What Is Right For You...

As many of you are going back to school or college, I thought I would write this post about picking your GCSE or A Level courses. I am currently in my last year of secondary school (yipee) and am currently looking for courses that intrigue me. Potentially, I want courses that link to journalism or media, as that is what I want to do. However, just because you have your heart set on a career doesn't mean you have to do all the qualifications needed to become that job.
So I thought I would write some tips on picking your options.

  • Don't pick colleges or courses just because your friends are doing that. You are all different people with different interests, so it is more likely for you to hate a subject they picked.
  • Don't just pick subjects because it is what qualifications you need to have a certain career. Pick subjects that you enjoy and are good art. For example, don't pick art if you can't draw.
  • Go to a college or school that specialises in something you want to do. For example, an arts college or engineering college.
  • You don't necessarily have to do A levels. You could do BTECs or apprenticeships.
  • Think of more than one reason as to why you want to do a course. This technique really helped me to put things into perspective and see what subjects I may really enjoy or really hate.
  •   Read into the certain courses you have an interest in. If you do this, you can get a clear idea as to what you will do at college.
  • See what qualifications you need to get onto the course. For example if you want to do textiles as an A level you need to have a GCSE in art and design or textiles. However most courses only look for 5 GCSE A-C's. 
  • If it is GCSE's you are picking, ask your form tutor or a careers teacher. You could also look at your current grades and see what you are good at.

What courses or subjects are you choosing to do? 
What career are you wanting to head into?

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