Sunday, 14 September 2014

My Skin Saviours

In my opinion, my skin isn't that bad. From time to time I get massive spots and blemishes, but they go away. However recently my skin has been having a major freak out. Now though, thanks to my three skin saviours, my skin is back on top form and looking fresh and awake. 

I suffer with acne on my neck, jawline and shoulders, so my doctor prescribed me with Acnecide which helps remove and prevent acne. So far it has really been helping remove the ance and scars. I still wasn't happy with the amount of time and applications it was taking to soothe my shoulders and jawline so I went to body shop and bought their tea tree face wash. Now, when I am in the shower I wash my face with the wash and then put some on a loufa and scrub my shoulders and neck with it. This has helped remove my acne. 
To help with the blemishes and spots on my face, I use the Clearasil Rapid Action Pads. They are quite strong and do sting in sensitive areas but they really do work. They remove excess oils, dirt and left over make up. 
This just proves that you don't need high end skincare to have great skin.

What are your skin saviours?

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