Friday, 10 October 2014

Stressed, Depressed and in a Mess

I haven't done a chatty post in quite a while and since this will relate to some of you, I thought that it would be a good post to do. 

Let's start with stress. Since I am in my last year of secondary school, I am having to make big decisions like: what college/sixth form do I want to go to?; what courses should I choose? and should I do a BTEC or A-Levels? These questions are a constantly revolving thought in my mind. Not just in school but out of it as well. Not only this but I have exams!
With all the pressure and choices building up and weighing me down I end up being cranky and angry. However I do try and chill out and try not to think about it too much. If you are feeling stressed about school, don't keep it bottled up. Tell someone and get help from staff or your parents.
The next topic is depression. I haven't been diagnosed with depression but I do occasionally suffer with a lack of self esteem and cry at the littlest things. Whenever I get upset about things I just say to myself "what are you doing? Think positive!" This does work. Also, when I am having a day where I am feeling low and not confident, I just push myself. In test I get the feeling of low self esteem, like I am going to epically fail at it. But if I try and put effort in, I end up with a decent grade. If you are always thinking negatively, then you are probably going to rubbish, but if you think positive you are most likely going to come out on top. 

If you are feeling depressed or stressed then take a break. Get on with something else that is positive and doesn't put pressure on you. If it is a person or a certain situation that makes you feel stressed or depressed then don't talk to that person and remove yourself from the situation. If you are feeling even more depressed or stressed then this, talk to someone like a friend or family member or go to the doctors.

Hope this has helped some of you

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