Friday, 3 October 2014

The British Tag

I have seen many bloggers/youtubers do this tag as either a blog post or video and I thought I would join in, since I am British. 

Question 1 - How many cups of tea do you have a day? How many sugars?
I know I cheated a little as this is two questions. However, at least tow a day with two sugars.

Question 2 - Favourite part of your roast?
It has either got to be the mash, vegetables (if their is broccoli) or the Yorkshire puddings.

Question 3 - Favourite dunking biscuit?
Either a rich tea, chocolate bourbon or custard cream.

Question 4 - Favourite word?
Gravy or Yorkshire. But only said with a strong Yorkshire accent.

Question 5 - Favourite sweets? 
If we are going for traditional sweets, then bon bons. If not, then Haribos.

Question 6 - What would your pub be called?
The Bucket and Spade. If I was to on a pub it would be at the seaside, hence the name.

Question 7 - No1 British person?
Don't have one.

Question 8 - Favourite shop/restaurant?
Shop - Yankee Candle as it smells like heaven. Clothes and beauty wise, Primark or Newlook and Boots or Superdrug.
Restaurant - Pubs with great food.

Question 9 - Marmite?
Never tried it. It doesn't sound that appealing.

Feel free to do this tag....

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