Sunday, 23 November 2014

8 Reasons Why To Start A Blog

When I was thinking of starting my blog there was no blog posts telling  my why I should start one. So, I thought that I would write one so that people who are contemplating starting a blog, can have a read and maybe this post will help them decide.

Meeting New People
When you start your blog you are obviously not going to know other bloggers, unless they are your real life friends. But blogging gives you a  chance to explore other blogs and get in contact with their writers. If I hadn't started my blog then I probably wouldn't have even come across my 'email buddy', Mady from UNSTITCHEDD. Blogging is such a welcoming community and there is always a place a newbie on the blogosphere.

Gain Experience and Skills
When starting your blog your not going to be amazing at everything. You are probably going to have strengths and weaknesses, for example I am a really string writer but my photography skills aren't as good. However, after practising writing, photo taking and editing for a while, you will get the hang of it and find the best angles to take pictures and how to successfully edit a photo.

Express Your Personality in a New Format
When reading other peoples blogs for a long time, you really get to know the writers personality. Some bloggers can be really bubbly and others can be quite serious about the whole shabang. 

 To Have a Little Corner of the Internet Where You Can Give Your Opinions
As a person you may struggle to put across your opinions in situations, but since your blog is your property, you are free to express your opinions and feelings to your hearts content. Also, the best thing about it is that since the blogging community is so big, you are guaranteed to find a blogger with the same feelings and opinions as your.

To Show Off Yours Skills
As I have said previously, some people are stronger at some skills than others. This is your chance to show them off. Since your blog is yours, you can write about anything you want. You can make it photography based, chatty an talkative based etc.

To Gain Confidence In Yourself
Throughout my whole life I haven't felt confident in how I look or my blogging skills. Blogging has really help boost my confidence and helped with my self esteem. The best part is that, you are less likely to be judged by people on the internet than you are in real life.

To Show Off Your Creativity
When owning your own blog you really get a chance to show off your creativity, whether it is writing, photo taking or editing. Blogging is like a blank canvas and you can paint it how you want. (what a great metaphor)

To Explore Different Hobbies and Interests 
When you start your blog you are more than likely going to sign up to all the social media sites and one of the most common sites is Bloglovin'. This is a site where you claim your blog and then people can follow you or your blog. You can also find random blogs or blog posts from different categories.

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