Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy New Year!!

As if it is the end of 2014. This year has been a significantly big year for me as I created my blog and turned 16. However, 2014 did come with it's fair share of downs as well as ups. 
For this post I wanted to focus solely on the future and what I would like to accomplish in 2015.

The first two goals are more school associated and revolve around my final year at secondary school/ first year of college. I would like to g
et at least 5 A*-Cs in my GCSEs. I am quite confident in that I will get at least five but hopefully I will get more. Also I want to get into a college I applied for. This year I applied for two colleges in my home town and hope to hear back from them and have a place there.

I didn't really want to set myself targets for my blog like get 200 followers; it didn't seem fair if by the end of next year, I didn't accomplish it. However, I am going to set skill based targets as skills are quite easy to improve on.

Improve my writing skills. I have been doing my blog now for nearly a year for the sole purpose of improving skills, being more confident and just as a hobby, but I still don't think my writing is amazing like other blogs I have read.
Improve my photography and editing skills. Next year I hope to study A Level Photography so I thought that this goal would be great as it would be very beneficial academically and in general. Also, my editing skills are the greatest, I just sit for ten minutes on Picmonkey changing the brightness and contrasts.

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