Friday, 19 December 2014


This new nail polish was just a little freebie with my monthly Glamour magazine and I thought it wouldn't be great. I wasn't really keen on the whole darkish red, but this week I fancied slapping a colour onto my nails, it being the last week of school and all, and I decided on this. 

The nail polish is one of a few of the nail polishes from the Glamour and Nails Inc Collaboration and is the perfect ox blood red shade. The formula is thick, but still needs two coats, opaque and glossy, which I love in nail polishes. However, it can slightly chip on the tip of the nail so wear a trust worthy top coat with it. 

Tate is by far my favourite autumn/winter/Christmas nail polish; I can't wait to wear it some more in the next couple of months.

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