Friday, 9 January 2015

Defying Gravity

For my 16th birthday, my sisters bought me tickets to see Wicked in London. Since I didn't know the story line or what the hell Wicked was, I wasn't that excited but I was very grateful for the present and how much effort they had put into my present. As it got closer and closer to the day I got more and more excited, but I still didn't really have a great understanding as to what Wicked was. All I knew at this point was that it was linked to The Wizard Of Oz.

After Christmas Day and Boxing Day it was finally time to venture down to London and see the show! It was an absolute trek from the hotel to the theatre as we were staying on the outskirts of London. We had to get numerous tubes from one place to another and then walk through the busy London traffic to get there. Inside there was a definite theme of green going on as every room had green luminous lights lit. When we took our seats the set was the first thing I was drawn to as it had a massive dragon above it, as shown above. 

When the show had finished I was kind of upset about just how quickly it had gone by.The story line, songs and characters just seemed to suck me into a whole other world. I fell in love with everything to do with it, so much so that I was singing some of songs in my head on the tube home. 

In my opinion, Wicked is an amazing show to go and watch if you are an adult or an older teenager. If I was to describe the show I would say that it is very green, catchy and WICKED! (great play on words Jess).
If you ever get the chance to go and see Wicked I would definitely say you should go for it. 

What is your opinion on Wicked? What shows would you recommend?

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