Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Best of 2014

2014 was a very big year for me as I started to become more independent and started to explore different places and opportunities. 

In February I started my blog which was a big step for me and took a lot of courage. A blog was something I had never thought of starting as I didn't really know anything about and didn't think it would benefit me. However, it has opened quite a few windows for me as it gives me something to do in my spare time instead of binge watching my favourite TV shows, gives me the chance to become more creative and also gives me the courage to give my opinions and not give a damn about what people think. It also gives me the experience of what a career in journalism might be like.
I also tried my very first Bubble Tea thanks to one of my friends. It was amazing and tasted so good. I NEED MORE! In February I also went for a really long walk with one of my friends around the area I live in. I was knackered after it, but it was so beautiful and peaceful.

In March I started my work experience at Premier Inn which I thoroughly enjoyed. Even though hospitality isn't something I want to go into, I actually really liked spending two weeks there as it showed me how work life is and how things work after your school life. It also gave me the opportunity to meet new people and go out of my comfort zone by going to work on my own without my friends to talk to. 

In July I finished another year of school and waved bye to Year 10. I also ventured down to Watford with my friend and her family for her birthday. We went to The Harry Potter Studios which was amazing. Instead of boring you with the details again, you can read about it here.

In November I went on the train to Leeds for a girly shopping trip with one of my friends, It was amazing, being able to escape the Sheffield bubble and venture somewhere new. I will never forget that day. I also turned 16, to celebrate I went out for a meal with my sisters, dad and my dad's girlfriend, which was eventful. I also went to the zoo with my sisters, mum and mum's boyfriend and then went out for tea with them. The whole day made me feel like a big kid, which you can read about here.

In December I obviously celebrated Christmas which ,F.Y.I, was amazing. I came downstairs so excited and was shaking because I was that ecstatic. On the 26th it snowed in Sheffield! I also went down to London with my sisters, mum and mum's boyfriend. On the first night me and my sisters went to Apollo Victoria to see Wicked for my birthday present, you can read about it here. One the second day in London we went shopping and I did a little damage to my bank account, but it was worth it (yeah Jess. Try saying that when you have no money). When back home I did further damage to my bank account and bought a laptop, which I desperately needed since my old one was smashed to pieces.

What were the best times of your 2014?

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