Thursday, 19 February 2015

Candle Corner #1 - My Collection

I thought I would create a new series for my blog to mix it up a bit. After a long and hard thinking session I finally came up with Candle Corner. Within this series I will include my candle collection(this post) and separate posts on each different candle I own. Now, let's begin!

I am no candle fanatic, since I don't have a vast collection of different brands or scents and I wasn't and still aren't that fussed about candles. However, on the odd a occasion, I do burn one. So today I thought I would share with you my small, but substantial, collection of candles.

The first two are from the Primark Christmas range which I bought in October last year. I was looking for any candle, Yankee or otherwise, which smells amazing and isn't going to break the bank, when I stumbled across these two beauties. After sniffing many of the scents, I finally picked up Winter Berry and Cinnamon and Maple. They are two completely different scents as Winter Berry is a fruity sweet scent whereas Cinnamon and Maple is a strong syrup and cinnamon scent which is definitely more of a Christmas scent. For only 80p who could not say yes to them?

The next three were all bought for me, and are all Yankee, so I didn't get a choice in what scent I got given. However, despite the pot luck of it all, I love all three of the scents. 
Snow in Love box of tea lights was given to me as a Christmas present from my friend. They are not the sort of scent I would usually go for as it isn't either sweet, fruity or a spice, but I really like it. The scent is smells like perfume, but not a specific one. To be honest I don't see why it is a part of the Christmas collection, since it doesn't remind me of Christmas, but that is a good thing, in my opinion, because it means that I can burn them all year round.

The next two are little samplers in Turquoise Sky and Merry Marshmallow. These two are totally different to each other as Turquoise Sky is a fresh scent and Merry Marshmallow is a slightly sweet scent.  Again, I wouldn't walk into a candle shop and be immediately drawn to them, but I love them anyhow. I think that they will be perfect to burn all year round.

What's in your candle collection?

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