Saturday, 28 February 2015

Happy 1st Birthday!!!!

This weekend my blog will turn 1!!!!!!! I can't believe how fast it has gone. Now since my blog isn't a person or a living thing, it can't have it's first steps or say it's first words. However, having a blog is kind of like being a parent, you have a lot of responsibilities (not the same ones but kind of) and you grow to love your blog as if it was a child. Ugh how soppy right?
Anyways, I couldn't be more proud of myself for keeping something going for a whole year. Usually I just give up and admit defeat when the going get's tough, but I didn't! Now I did have my fair share of rocky patches where I had bloggers block and couldn't seem to take or edit pictures very well, but I was adamant that I wasn't giving up.  

Now since a whole year has gone by I clearly have learnt something, otherwise my blog would still be the crappy no followers blog with rubbish posts and content. So I thought that I should share some of my blogging wisdom with you fellow bloggers and readers out there.

Brainstorm Ideas
If you find that you are stuck in a post ideas ditch, then why don't you brainstorm? Come up with random ideas that are things that you want to write about. 

Google/Research Ideas
I have done my fair share of this. When I was having writers block I simply opened up trusty old Google and typed in "blog post ideas" and hey presto! Ideas galore! I also went through some of my favourite blogs and looked at what they were writing about and then created my own interpretation of that post, but NOT copying.

Don't feel pressured to follow the blogging trends
Just because someone is writing about a new nail polish, doesn't mean you have to. The more unique your blog and what you post is, the better. In my opinion, as a blogger and blog reader, the more unique and diverse your blog is, the more people will stop and take a second glance at your blog leading to more followers, YAY!

Don't get possessed by your blog stats!!!!!!!
So what if your blog only has 20 page views and 5 followers. Just keep posting what YOU want to post. Having a mass of followers and page views takes time, that's all.

Take good quality photos
I don't about you, but I'm feeling twenty two  one of the first things that draw me in to clicking on a blog post is photos. I won't want to click on a post if it has a small, poorly lit, unfocused photo with shoddy editing. All I want is a focused, big, well lit and edited to perfection (cue hair flick).

Take more that one photo
Taking more than one photo means that you have options when it comes to editing. Also, you can take the photos from multiple angles and see which one is the best.   

Draft and re-draft until you are ultimately satisfied
Don't feel like you have to write a quick post. Write the post in advance so you have time to draft, re-draft and even re-re-draft. 

Buy yourself a diary or notebook and plan when and what you want to post about. This way you can keep track of what post needs to be written, what pictures need taking/editing and when a post needs to go up.

Create a routine
This ties in with the tip above. If you have a routine, it is easier to plan out a schedule as you would know what your post deadline is.

What have you learnt from blogging?

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