Friday, 6 February 2015

Sleek Barely There

I had been contemplating getting a lipstick for ages since all I wear on my lips was lip gloss or lip balm, how boring. I wanted something that wasn't too out there like a bold purple or red but a nude/pink. After weeks of searching on Superdrug and Boots, I finally found Sleek's Barely There and after a month of umming and arring, I finally got it. At first I didn't think it suited me as it looked a bit orange on the lips, but after trying different application methods, dabbing, swiping and blending, and wearing it around the house I finally grew to love it. Now, most days that I go out of the house with a full face of make up, I wear it subtly and then if I go out at night, I wear it full whack.

The formula is great; it is long lasting, creamy and hydrating. However, you may need to put on lip balm a couple of minutes before you apply it as it can cling to dry bits.

What is your favourite lipstick?

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