Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Candle Corner #4 - Yankee Candle Snow In Love

This is the fourth post on this little blogging series and I thought I would write about my Yankee Candle Tea Lights in Snow in Love. These were a Christmas present from my best friend and, to say that she didn't know what scent I would like, she got it spot on. Even though the scent is in the Christmas collection, it isn't that Christmassy, probably because it isn't the typical cinnamon or Christmas tree scent. It is a fresh and slightly sweet scent which I think is perfect for all year round.

These tea lights are priced at £6.99 which is a little too much for candles, but they are worth it. The quality of the candles are amazing as you can smell them, even though you aren't burning them. Also, you get twelve tea lights  which burn for 4-6 hours each. In my opinion, the tea lights are definitely worth it because for the price, you get up to 48 hours of burning time where as with a small jar candle you only get up to 40 and you pay more for the jar candle, £7.99.

What is your favourite Yankee scent?

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