Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Candle Corner #5 - Primark Winter Berry

This is the fifth Candle Corner and for this post I am going to write about the Primark small jar candle in Winter Berry. I bought this candle just before Christmas when I was wandering through Primark for 80p.
In my opinion, these Primark jar candles are a great cheap alternative for Yankee Candles as they burn for the same amount of time but for a massive discounted price.
Primark also do a massive range of candles from pillar candles to tea lights.

The scent is supposed to be a Christmas scent since it is Cinnamon and Maple, however I really like burning it at this time of the year because, yes it is Spring but it is still cold and rubbish weather.

What is your favourite candle brand?

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