Sunday, 15 March 2015

Candle Corner #3 - Yankee Candle Merry Marshmallow

This is the third episode of Candle Corner and I have to say I am loving this little blog series, they are great fun to write and take photos for. For this post I want to carry on talking about Yankee Candles but for another scent, Merry Marshmallow.
I should give you a little warning, from now on all my candles are either Christmas scents or Christmas orientated because they were either bought around that time or as a present for Christmas. Anyways, back onto the post.

Merry Marshmallow, even though it is part of the Christmas collection, isn't really that Christmassy. It sort of has a vanilla scent to it which is sort of Christmassy but overall it is a sweet smell. Again, like Turquoise Sky, it is a votive sampler. This means that I can try out the scent and if I hate it, then no hard feelings and if I love it, then I can repurchase it as a bigger candle.

This scent isn't an overpowering and strong scent, it is very subtle and light, which is what I love about it. As I have said previously, it has a vanilla scent so this candle really reminds me of cake!

What size candle do you buy from Yankee Candle?

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