Friday, 6 March 2015

Candle Corner #2 - Yankee Candle Turquoise Sky

This is the second installment of Candle Corner, the new little blog series I have created. So, as I said in the first post, I am going to do a review of each individual candle that I own. The first candle I chose to do a mini review of was one of my smallest candles, Turquoise Sky. This candle is a votive sampler, so it is quite small but really cheap so you can by loads.

This little votive was gifted to me for my birthday by one of my friends, so I had no choice in scent, it was pot luck on my friend's part. But, my friend made a good choice because it is such an amazing scent, but not one I would usually go for as it is a fresh sort of scent and I like sweet and spiced scents.

I love Yankee Candles as a whole because, yes there are a bit pricey, but they are so worth it. The range of scents is phenomenal as there is every scent you can think of, from floral to sweet to spiced to fruity, the scent is long lasting and can be smelled without you even lighting the candle. 

What is your favourite Yankee scent? 

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