Friday, 27 March 2015

Hauley Moley

A week or so ago I went to visit my sister in Chester for the day with my dad and his girlfriend. Whilst there I may have done a little damage, oops!

First stop was Primark as I needed some new running gear. Whilst there I picked up a pair of the slim leg jogging bottoms in a dark grey and some trainer socks. The jogging bottoms are so soft and very comfortable and so are the trainer socks. They are both a pretty good quality to say that they only costed £8 all together. So far so good!

Next was New Look. For ages I have been wanting some high waisted black skinny jeans since I have a few blue tops that don't go with my blue jeans. I had been trolling the internet to find the perfect pair but all New Look had were Super Skinny. I didn't think the Super Skinny style would feel comfortable enough for me so I never even gave them a second until..... My sister picked them up in the shop and said "try these" among with a few other pairs of black jeans. I was a bit skeptical about them but once I had them on, I was in love. The stretchyness of them made them ubber comfy and they passed the squatting test with flying colours. I have so far worn them twice and, I have to say, they are the best pair of jeans I own!

Last stop was The Body Shop and I know what you are thinking 'uh oh. Here we go again with another list as long as my arm of The Body Shop products!' But, I only bought one thing, shock horror! This product is by far my favourite product from The Body Shop and that is the olive body scrub. The scent is amazballs, the scrub it's self if great and the fact that it lasts for a while is fantastic, which also does my bank account a favour as it is £13 a tub. Holy Grail product right here.

And that's it! Short but sweet!

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