Sunday, 26 April 2015

My Love for Daily Vloggers

If there is one group on YouTube I love the most is daily vloggers. Forget the beauty, fashion and lifestyle vloggers, daily vloggers are my favourite. So I thought I would share my reasons why and tell you which ones I love the most.

I may sound a little nosy, but I love seeing other people's lives and how they live/what they get up to day to day. Also, it gives me something to watch everyday when I am bored. When I watch people's vlogs, it cheers me up and makes me laugh because all of my favourites have young children that say the funniest things.

I only have three favourite daily vloggers but I thought I would still share them with you.

1) SacconeJolys - I did a whole blog post months ago dedicated to my love for them that you can see here. They are by far my all time favourite vloggers.

2) Daily Bumps -  They are essentially the American version of the SacconeJolys.

3) Shaytards -  I have been watching them for just over two years and I am sad to say that they aren't my most favourite. I just don't find them that entertaining anymore and don't sit at my computer refreshing my subscription page at 6pm waiting for their video to pop up. (sadly enough I d that with the SacconeJolys and Daily Bumps)

Do you like daily vlogger? Which ones?

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