Sunday, 3 May 2015

Cheap Spot Treatments That Work!

Newsflash! I struggle with spots, as do everyone, unless you are an alien from outer space. So I thought this post would be helpful to most people as it is my top 5 favourite cheap spot treatments that actually work. Also, since they are cheap, it won't break the bank.

One of my favourite treatments are the Clearisil Rapid Action Pads - £5.35. They are circular cotton pads that are soaked in spot fighting chemicals to help diminish excess oils and dirt that could cause spots. 

 Sticking with Clearisil, my next favourite is the Clearisil Blemish & Marks Cream - £6.79. I have acne on my face and shoulders which leaves horrible scars. So I wanted a treatment that can help prevent the acne but also reduce the scaring because I don't want visible scars for my Prom. This cream is perfect for this as already, after three uses, I have noticed a difference in my skin and scars.

Next is the Acnecide treatment which is the priciest of them all at between £10 - £15, however I get mine on prescription. As I have said previously, I struggle with acne and this cream really helps clear it up.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know how much I love this next treatment. It is the Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash - £5. I only use this on an odd occasion, but when I do it really helps soothe my acne and spots. It also prevents any new spots coming through as it clears away any dirt or excess oils.

The last product is the T-Zone Spot Zapping Gel - between £0.99 - £2. This is a great little gel that stops spot growth and helps get rid of the spot in one quick application. I love how small it is as you can carry it around with you and apply it on the go.

What are your favourite spot treatments?

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