Sunday, 10 May 2015

Loving the Novelty Jumpers

At the start of this year I found what I like to call, the most amazing jumper/sweatshirt! It was mint green with a black dinosaur print on it, so I just had to buy it, especially since it was only £6. Afterwards, I practically lived in it and thought, why not get another? So I did, but this time I bought a black one with a cactus print on it. So I had a little collection going on. 

Then for ages I never say any new prints or what prints they had, I didn't like. However, the other day I clapped eyes on an amazing sweatshirt for this time of year, a coral one with a black pineapple print. 

All three sweatshirts are from H&M in the DIVIDED section for only £5.99! Although I love all three of them, I think they are too garish to wear out in public so I only wear then in the house as pajama tops as they are so cosy and comfy.

Do you have any novelty jumpers?

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