Friday, 19 June 2015

4 Ingredient Pasta Salad

As I have said previously I want to post more food posts on here, after all a blog is where you post your passions.... isn't it? and since one of my passions is food and experimenting with food, I thought I would share with you some recipes.

I came up with this recipe one day when I fancied something different other than a sandwich for lunch. I thought I would try and recreate a pasta salad that you would find in a supermarket and see how it would go. Well.... it went good and I have been making this pasta salad for months. It is so filling and tasty that I want all of you to make it and share your opinion. It is a quick and simple recipe that takes about 15 minutes to cook and then can be refrigerated until you want to eat it.

Fusilli or Penne pasta
Chicken breast
Cucumber and any other salad foods you want to add

Step 1
In a saucepan add the pasta and the chopped chicken to boiling water.

Step 2
Cook for 10 minutes and then drain the water in a colander

Step 3 
Put the pasta and chicken back into the pan and add the mayonaise gradually whilst stirring.

Step 4
Cut your salad into small chunks and add to the pan.

Step 5
Once it has all combined and is covered in mayonaise, spoon into a bowl and put in the fridge until cool.

Step 6

What quick and easy recipe do you make regularly?

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  1. Mmmm i make something similar =] but with bacon instead of chicken. Pasta is my fave =]