Sunday, 14 June 2015

How I Got Through My Exams/ Tackling Revision

On the 5th June I sat my final exam, so I thought I would share my journey with you. I know that exam season has ended, well for my school it has, but I still wanted to share my story with you.

I wasn't particularly worried about my exams, I got myself into the mind set of "if I revise enough, surely I will pass." Although I had a bit of stress and nervousness, getting into this mind set really helped as it reminded me that I was well prepared for each exam I sat.

What I Did For Revision
I know everyone learns and takes in information in different ways, so this won't help that chunk of you, but for those it does apply to, for revision I used all manner of things for different subjects. For literature I read the book and play I was studying, read over the poems I had studied and read the notes I had made in class. For maths, I went through all the worksheets I had done in  lessons, worked through mock exams and used maths websites like IXL and MyMaths. 
For Spanish, I spent an hour a week after school with my Spanish tutor and went through exam papers and exam style questions as well as doing that in the three lessons I had a week. With ICT I spent a lesson a week doing theory work where we did a different topic each week, as well as looking through exam papers and answering exam style questions. For Geography, in class we went through the 18 case studies we needed to revise and revisited key words and their definitions. Outside of school I went through my revision notes as well as revise the case studies that were most likely to come up on my exam paper. 
I spent most of my revision time on my four science exams as in the mocks I failed them and I'm not a naturally born scientist. I just don't get it! I bought a revision book from school with all three sciences in, chemistry; physics and biology, which had page after page of information on each topic in the three subjects, they also included exam style questions on each topic and at the end of each section had a big six mark question for me to answer. I didn't really follow the book, what I did was look at each question, write down what I would put and then write the actual correct answer after. Finally, for Food Technology, as pastry was the product we had to design in the exam, we made pastry product after pastry product until they were practically coming out of my ears. We also went through what was mostly likely to come up the exam as well as the things that might not but there is still a chance they could. 

Revising Ideas
1. Make posters on each individual topics for each subject and use big pieces of paper and coloured pens
2. Make notes from revision guides, websites or videos
3.Watch YouTube videos
4. Go through exam papers and then check your answers against the mark scheme
5. Create rhymes, songs or raps to remember key words 

How have you tackled revision and how did you find your exams?


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