Sunday, 7 June 2015

If I Was to Listen to One Album...

If was to listen to one album for the rest of my life it wouldn't be that hard to choose. I only usually listen to a few songs of an album, however when I stumbled across the Sia 1000 Forms of Fear album I fell in love with most, if not all, the songs. For one I think that Sia's voice is incredible and every single song is different from the others.

Some of my favourites include: Chandlier, Elastic Heart, Eye of the Needle, Fire Meet Gasoline, Burn the Pages and Big Girls Cry. They are all just really easy to listen to and not get bored of after a few times of listening. I not only like the songs, but I like the music videos that go with them and, although they create a lot of controversy, they are some of my favourite music videos. Each and every one holds a story so that I feel compelled to watch as I love a story, whether it is in the form of a book, film or music video!

What would your 'one album for the rest your life' be?


  1. I love this album, so many good songs. I would listen to prince of Egypt soundtracks =]

    1. The film? Wow, I haven't watched that film in ages. Not since my RE lessons two years ago. The songs are pretty good on the soundtrack :)