Wednesday, 10 June 2015

People's Insecurities and Bullying

This is a topic that is quite close to home and so I thought I should address it. Insecurities, everyone has them. Whether it is a flat chest, a big bum or spots. No one is perfect, no matter how perfected they may seem. It is fine to have these insecurities, but it is when people choose to criticize and bully others that really bothers and upsets me.

Personally, I get called fat and ugly and although they don't seem so bad, they had a really negative effect on my life and how I saw myself. It took over a year to boost up my confidence and be able to accept myself. Now, when I get negative comments thrown at me, I don't even acknowledge them or give them any kind of attention. If I was, then the people who are commenting would think it is affecting me and would carry on. 
In my opinion, people who bully others are only doing that because they feel so insecure with themselves, that they need to draw attention to someone else's. 

What bullies don't understand is that, their criticism and negative comments can have a negative impact on that person's life. You could make someone's self esteem so low that they could have anxiety, mental health problems or even worse!  Just by saying someone has a big nose or is fat can have so many repercussions that bullies don't even understand.

I think that, before you say a negative comment, you should put yourself in that person's shoes and see how it would feel to hear that comment about yourself. Also, if you hear negative comments about yourself, just ignore them, embrace your insecurities and love yourself.

What negative comments do you hear about yourself? Have you ever shouted a negative comment?


  1. It took a long time, but now I only pay attention to the opinions of people I care about, strangers don't matter to me. Like you, I don't give negative comments any attention :-)

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  2. I was bullied all my life and i turned into a bully in high school to try and protect myself from other people. I despise bullying!

  3. Nobody deserves to be bullied. You're beautiful! Keep ignoring them, they don't deserve a minute of your time.