Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Wanderlust Tag

I saw this tag over on, read here, and thought it would be a good idea for a post for me.

1) Where was your first plane to?
As far as I can remember it was Tunisia when I was little, but after talking to my mum and family I know that I went on holiday way before that to Majorca or Menorca, somewhere like that.

2) Where have you travelled to that you would love to visit again?
Probably Tunisia or Sharm El Sheikh. Tunisia because I was so young that I can't remember much about it and Sharm El Sheikh because it was an amzing holiday and experience.

3) You are leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where are you going?
Hello! The Maldives! I have always wanted to go there, it just looks so peaceful and beautiful. Either there or somewhere in Hawaii.

4) Preferred method of travel?
I like planes, but am slightly scared of flying; I like cars, but get slightly travel sick and uncomfortable and I enjoy trains but they can be cramped. So the answer is either a plane, car or train. Just not a boat!

5) Favourite travel website?
I only follow one travel website and that is World of Wanderlust. The blog is just a really good travel blog with great versatility. 

6) Where would you travel just to eat the food?
Italy! Come on, pizza, pasta and gelato!

7) Is there a place you would never go again?
No. I loved everywhere I have been.

8) Do you prefer the window, middle or aisle seat?
Middle. You can still see perfectly out of the window and are not too squashed in that you can't get out to go to the toilet.

9) How do you pass time on an plane?
I would usually watch a film on my ipod, listen to music or read a book. If it is a long haul flight then I would probably do the above as well as sleep.

Feel free to use the questions!

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  1. Oooo I may do this tag myself =] great answers.