Wednesday, 22 July 2015

5 To Try

I have seen a few of these kind of posts here on the blogosphere and have always found them quite helpful when I have wanted to try a new product. So, I thought I would create my own version and share it with you.
I took quite a long time to round up just five products to share with you, but I finally managed to pick the lucky five *pats herself on the back*. 

Firstly, I want to talk about the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Transparent, review here. I love this powder! I am on my third pan of this and it is safe to say that I am not going to stop loving it in the near future. It keeps your face matte throughout the day and makes your make up last longer. They also have a great range of shades for yellow or pink skin tones. So worth the £3.99 price tag.

Now this next one has a lot of hype behind it, that is why I bought it in the first place and it is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creamy Beige, review here. I originally say this on someone's blog and instantly wanted it. It is so natural looking and makes a perfect base for brown eyeshadows. To say that it is called "creamy beige", it is neither a cream or beige. It's a taupey brown with a hint of gold shimmer. The consistency is very smooth,glides on your eyelids amazingly and stays put all day. I would highly recommend it if you have oily eye lids. Also, they have an amazing shade range from brights to neutrals! Perfect for £4.99.

I never really talk about make up brushes on here, so I thought I would share my favourite brand that you should try. I buy them from a small make up shop in my nearest shopping centre called Xtras, so I don't know if you can get them in any other shops. They are buy a brand called Royal and they do a wide range of different brushes from both face and eyes. Every brush that I own is super soft and easy to clean. I own the eye shadow brush, the blending brush, the contour eye shadow brush and two of the large eye shadow brushes and I love every single one.

Next to try is a fragrance. I have spoken about them a little and the brand a hell of a lot, (any guesses) and it is The Body Shop Body Mist in Pink Grapefruit. I don't even know how this has ended up in my collection since every time I have smelled it pre purchase, I have hated it. However, whether it has to do with the sunshine and summer I now love it. It has a very citrus smell to it but I think it is quite fresh as well. For £7.50, I can't fault it.

Finally, there is a hand cream I want to share with you. Again, it is from The Body Shop and it is their hand creams. I have photographed the strawberry one, however my favourite is the glazed apple one but they only sell it at Christmas time and I have ran out :(
They are amazing at not only making your hands smell great but at hydrating them as well. I find they make my hands super silky soft and very hydrated. A must have in your hand bag. I have only tried the fruity small tubes of hand creams for £3.50 and so far so good.

What five things would you recommend for people to try?

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