Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Blog Photo Background Ideas

I recently found and read a blog post over on A Girl, Obsessed about what things you could use in blog photo backgrounds, read here, and it helped me massively think about what items I have that I could use to add a little umph to my blog photos. Since it helped me so much, I thought I would write myself to help any of you out there who struggle to make photos look "blog post ready".
Now by all means I am no professional. I simply pick a pattern I want as a background in photos and snap away. However, I thought just by sharing what I use in my photos and some other ideas I have, would you massively just as the blog post I found did for me.

Make up Items
By this I don't mean throw your whole make up collection into one photo. I simply mean put a nail polish or lipstick in the photo just to add a little colour to it. However, too much can make it look cluttered which doesn't make a good photo.

You may find the photo you are taking is a little too bland and need a little pop of colour. You could add a piece of clothing from your wardrobe to the photo as a background and it can make it look so much better. Also, it adds a hint of your personality to photos and if you have clothes that are too small for you, but you can't bring yourself to bin them, use them!

Simply having a candle burning can make a photo look so much better. If it is a bright coloured candle then it adds a pop of colour to a dull image and can make a photo look quite sophisticated and professional.

You might stare at your bookshelf and think "I have read all of these so why don't I throw them away?" well don't! Adding a book or magazine can 1) add colour to a photo, 2) create layering, especially if you photograph it with something below it e.g. a table, and 3) shows your readers a bit of your personality. I have recycled my old magazines into collages by cutting out my favourite images from my magazine collection and then sticking them down on sheets of A3 card and layering them. I can be time consuming, but if you are a crafty person, then this is a great idea for a background. I also printed off a bunch of quotes to use as blog photo backgrounds.

What do you use as backgrounds?

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