Friday, 24 July 2015

My Money Saving Tips/How I Do It

I have been trying to save money for a long time, way before my blog, and thought it is about time I share how I do it with you. I am by all means not an expert, this is just what has worked for me.

Christmas/Birthday Money
Every birthday, Christmas and Easter I get given money to buy whatever I want, and even though the spenaholic inside of me is screaming to spend it, I take £20-£40 out of the total and then put the rest in my bank account. That way, I don't have it in my purse and if I can't see it, then I won't spend it. Also, I sometimes put the money in my savings jar.

Keep a Savings Jar
I use a gingerbread man cookie jar that I was given last Christmas to save all my silver change and notes I make by cleaning the house or other chores. I also use a clear counter jar for all my coppers that I find in the bottom of my bag or that I have in my purse. This helps to save because you don't realise how much your change can add up and create such a big amount of money. A few months ago I saved up over £60 in change, I know it isn't in the hundreds or anything but it is still quite a bit of money.

Cut Down on Shopping Trips
This one is really easy for me as I don't really go shopping that much, and when I do, its only for one or two items. By cutting down on the amount of shopping trips you go on, you won't be spending a lot of money every other weekend. 

Do Chores Around the House/Little Jobs
If you are too young to get a job and still live with your parents, then this tip is great for you. If I have a free day, I usually clean my house for my dad and then when he comes home, he gives me some "pocket money" for it. Also, I occasionally water the plants for him so I get a little more pocket money then. You could also ask your neighbours, only if they actually have young kids, if you could babysit for them. You never know how much they will give you and it could also become a permanent things.

How do you save money?

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