Sunday, 12 July 2015

Skater Skirt & Kimono

I haven't done an outfit post in a while and I want to start injecting a little more fashion into my blog. After all, it is my blog and I can post what I want. Since it is summer, it is time to ditch the jeans and jumpers and throw on skirts and kimonos. So that is what I have done and I am loving this combination of the two, so I wanted to share it with you.

Vest - Primark £1.80
Skirt - New Look £12.99
Kimono - New Look Tall £14.99
Belt - Primark £2
Necklace - Select £5
Bracelet - Pandora
Shoes - Converse £48

 I have never owned a kimono before and never really wanted one, however when I was browsing on New Look's website I came across this beautiful tile print blue, white and green kimono and for only £14.99, I thought it would be a good piece to add to my wardrobe. 
After buying the kimono, I soon realised that I didn't have any tops to go with it, so I went into Primark and bought a bunch of vests to wear with it. 

I have had the skater skirt for ages and thought that it would make the outfit a little more feminine and girly. I then paired it with my grey and very old converse to make it a little more casual. If I was to wear this out somewhere fancy, I'd probably wear my heels.

For jewelry I have wanted a simple statement necklace for a while and have always been a fan of the triangle designs, so when I came across this one I instantly wanted it and snapped it up. Also, I always wear my Pandora bracelet whenever I go out as I love it so much. The actual bracelet and the four silver charms are all real but the beads I bought from a random shop near where I live.

Would you like to see more fashion posts on here?

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