Saturday, 4 July 2015

Teal and Accented White

I recently bought this beautiful teal colour and instantly wanted to paint my nails with it but couldn't because of exams. I know that sounds really random, but in exams I get nervous so I end up picking off the nail polish or biting my nails. I didn't see the point in spending time painting my nails if all I was going to do is pick it off.
Finally exams were over and I could paint my nails with this stunning colour. However I didn't feel like just doing a straight colour, so I decided on a white accent nail which then looked too plain so I opted for a matching teal dot on top. I love them! They are so perfect for spring/summer, although the weather is making it look like it's autumn.

The teal is from Collection and is part of there Work The Colour range. It's beautiful and reminds me of peacocks! To say it only cost £1.99, the quality isn't one bit lacking. The brush is wide so you can apply it easily and the formula is very opaque so you only need one coat for a block colour, although I applied three as I like my nails to feel thick and like I have had a proper manicure. 
The white shade is Barry M (big surprise!) and is in the shade Matt White. I have never used this colour and wasn't overly wowed by it. It applies quite sheer, not like the other from the brand, and took a few quotes to get an opaque colour. I still love it though.

Have you tried any of the Collection Work The Colour polishes?

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