Sunday, 19 July 2015

Things That Annoy Me About Being a Girl

After watching so many YouTube videos on what people's biggest pet peeves are, I thought I would share with you what annoys me. But not just in general, things that annoy me about being a girl. 

  1. Periods. Why me?!
  2. Cramps
  3. Cat Calling/ Wolf Whistling
  4. Having to look on point when you are out of the house
  5. What hair style you should have that day. Bun, topknot, ponytail, plaits, fishtail braid. There are so many options!!
  6. Not being able to order a "manly meal" at a restaurant without getting funny looks
  7. Every size of an item of clothing I want is sold out apart from a 6 or 8
  8. When you get a weird look from practically everyone when you say you like Marvel. I am sorry, but am I not allowed have a slight nerdy side?!
  9. The fact that make up, after four hours of wearing it, melts off your face.
  10. Different shades and tones of lipstick. I can never find the right shade!
  11. When you have a straight guy friend and you get asked constantly "Are you dating him?" and "How long have you been going out?" Seriously! Why can't I have a male friend who is exactly that, just a friend who is the opposite gender?!

What annoys you about being a girl? or just your general pet peeves?


  1. I hate not finding clothes that fit me!

  2. I wouldn't worry about people giving you funny looks for like Marvel there are tones of women/girls who like Marvel. Me being one of them :) and a lot of girl friends.

    Seen Ant Man yet?

    1. Not yet. Have you? Is it any good? :)