Friday, 28 August 2015

Copper Nails

Last autumn, whilst going through a gingerbread theme phase, I bought this nail polish. I originally wanted to wear everything gingerbread on Christmas Day, I had the trousers, jumper, earrings and even earphones, so I needed a nail polish as well. Sadly, I never wore it and had totally forgotten about it until this summer. 

I have always thought of if as a "Christmas colour", it is sparkly and an autumnal shade of orange, so I didn't feel that it was right for summer and warm weather. However, after rummaging through my collection of nail colours, I stumbled across this and immediately wanted it on my nail that second. Since I love it so much, I wanted to do a review on it so I can share my love for it with you.

Collection Work The Colour's Scorched Copper is an absolutely beautiful shade of red/orange with small chunks of gold and orange glitter running through it to give it a metallic look. I have to admit, I'm not a metallic nails fan, I prefer block colour, but this colour looks amazing on the nails.

The quality of the polish is great and applies easily and evenly without streaking. Not something I expect from a £2 nail polish. The brush is very wide so you can do one coat in one swipe and the polish dries really quickly, which is a big bonus if you are in a rush.

Have you tried the Work The Colour range? What shades?


  1. Since now I never tried it but I really should! Love the shade for fall <3

    XX Alissa from
    prêt-à-porter NOIR