Friday, 7 August 2015

My Blogging Process

I have had my blog for 17 months nearly and have found myself in a sort of blogging routine. A few bloggers are doing this kind of post and thought it would was about time that I did my own. 

One of the most key parts of anyone's blogging routines is thinking. When I come to thinking of new posts, I think of what I am feeling most passionate about that week and if it will make a good, decent sized post. People think that once you have one idea you have to stick with it, I don't. I write all my ideas down on a word document or on a pad of paper and choose one to write about there and then.

Once I have an idea, I like to think of what could I do as follow up posts like blog series. I do this by sticking my idea in the middle of a blank page and brainstorming. For example, if I was to write a what's in my make up bag post, I would think of what is in their that I could review later on. That way I will always have something to write about. If it is a rant post I want to write, I think of what other things I would want to talk about.

Any good blog post needs a photo or two. Once I have my idea, I start to think of what I want in that photo and what background I want. I then wait for good natural lighting and snap away. Once I have my collection of photographs, I then upload them to my Google Drive as I use my phone for photos. Once they are on my drive, I copy them to my desktop and save them in a folder.

Once I have my photos, I individually edit them on PicMonkey. This website is so simple and easy to use which is why I love using it. I usually clarify my photos and then crop, brighten and highlight them to add a little more light to them.

After all my photos are edited, I open up my bog and start to write. It usually takes me up to an hour to write, depending on the topic. Usually reviews take 30 minutes and more chatty posts, like the one you are reading, can take a whole hour. What takes most of my time is writing the start of the post as I never know how to do it.

This part is pretty self explanatory, but just before I press publish I click on preview to see what the post will look like. Also, if it is not an uploading day (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) I usually just save them and create a blog post bank.

What is your blogging process?

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  1. I have simmilar routines!