Friday, 11 September 2015

Asia - Your Lips But Better

If you are a frequent reader of TGB, then you will know that quite recently I bought the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Asia, read haul post here. I so excited to try it out and it hasn't disappointed. Every time I have been out and about, I have whacked this beauty on and not given it a second thought. Since wearing it I have been getting a few compliments about what is on my lips, so surely it is a good colour. So, I thought I would review it and share it with you.

Firstly, the lipstick is £4.99 which is great for the quality you get. It is easy to apply; lasts for around 5 hours, unless you are drinking, and isn't drying on the lips. 
It is a beautiful nude/pink with a little hint of mauve in it with a satin finish. Also, it is quite pigmented so you only need a few swipes and you are done. The packaging is okay, just a simple plastic bullet with a click down lid, which is what I would expect from a drugstore product.

Overall, I think it is a beautiful lipstick shade that everyone should add to their collection. It is especially good if you are still at school or on a tight budget.

Have you tried the Lasting Finish Lipsticks? What shades?

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  1. i have this lipstick too, its one of my favourites:-)x